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About Sonata

Sonata: An Introductory Note
Sonata is a sedative as well as a hypnotic and is used for treating insomnia for a short term period (7-10 days). Sonata is prescribed for people who face difficulties in falling asleep at night. Sonata belongs to a class of medicines commonly known as hypnotics or sedatives or central nervous system (CNS) depressants.

The generic name of Sonata is Zaleplon. Sonata has gained approval from the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as an effective medicine for the treatment of insomnia. Sonata is available in capsule form for administration.

Sonata Mechanism

Sonata starts functioning by yielding effects on specific chemicals present in the brain. However, as soon as Sonata affects these brain chemicals, a state of calmness is induced inside your brain and you fall asleep without any difficulty. Continue Reading ...